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Surf Fishing

Surf fishing has always been one of my favorite ways to fish. When I go surf fishing it always seems to be more of a picnic and more relaxing then being cooped up on a boat for several hours. I prefer surf fishing with live bait. Your first concern when surf fishing is making sure that your bait does stay fresh and out of the sun. If you are using squid cut it into thin wedge shape pieces. I normally have two hooks on my fishing line being “circle hooks”when surf fishing. On one of the hooks I always put squid on it because it stays on so well. The reason for using circle hooks is that they are rarely swallowed by fish and hooks a higher percentage of fish then regular hooks. On the other hook I try to put on live bait. If live bait is not available I use shrimp. I always catch some type of fish using shrimp surf fishing. If I don’t have live shrimp I cut the tail and head off and if they are small I will put more than one on a hook. If I do have live shrimp I hook them in the back. When I’m surf fishing I try to catch bait and normally enjoy a good swim. If I do take a swim, I stay away from where my lines are not to scare the fish and the thought of a shark getting the smell of the bait you are using for surf fishing.

Surf fishing is obviously affected by the tides. Moving water is good for fishing and high tide is normally the best because it is easier to cast to deeper water. I’ve always preferred surf fishing an hour or so before high tide and about the same after. Most fishermen that I talk to would prefer fishing just before the high tide then just after if they if for some reason their surf fishing time was limited.  If it is a windy day it could be wavy and that would make the water not very clear and I would pass on surf fishing for that day.

Whenever I go surf fishing I use a longer rod and have a pipe or holder to secure my rod in the sand. I also take a smaller rod and reel and an assortment of shiny lures that are heavy enough to cast out in case you see a school of fish near shore while surf fishing. When you do spot a school of fish, cast out and retrieve your lures like a bait fish trying to get away from its predator. You may just get lucky and catch a big one.

After surf fishing don’t forget to wash down your rod and especially your reel which will minimize salt corrosion. You can also spray the reel and rod guides with a moisture displacer which drives out absorbed water and moisture. 

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