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Shark Fishing Tips

Shark Fishing Tips - How To Catch Shark

Sharks are fast and aggressive hunters. Their bodies are designed for efficient cruising but they can unleash bursts of speed when chasing down prey. The shark dominates the seas Shark Fishing Tips - How To Catch Sharkbecause it does one thing very well; It attacks food and eats it. Ironically, the shark is the easiest of the big-game fish to catch, because it can't stop eating. If you plan to catch a shark, you need to own or find a 35- to 40-foot boat with enough deck space to stow your gear and handle

There are more tips and secrets to catching shark. Here is a collection of some of those shark fishing tips. Please browse around and enjoy our shark fishing tips. If you have a shark fishing tip you would like to share please email it to

  • You should also have a heavy leader, about 10 to15 feet in length. 100 lb. monofilament, a wire leader, a pre-rigged leader all work. The usual hook size is 6/0 to 10/0.

  • Since a lot of the sharks have teeth and sandpaper-like skin, a long metal leader is a must to avoid breakoffs.

  • Sharks come closer to the beach at night. You will need a long wire leader with at least a 6/0 hook. For bait, anything that smells bad will do.

  • Anything that will bleed is always good bait.

  • You should float the baits at different depths. Common floats to use are pieces of styrofoam or balloons. Baloons are easier to put on the line, and seem to stay better.

  • DO NOT bring a shark boat-side or on board a boat until it is completey exhausted. A shark can cause serious injury to a fisherman with only the flip of its head.

  • Bait size should be something shark can swallow easily, not bite from or gag down. Jack, bonita, mackerel, and mullet all work.

  • Use a reel that has a spool with a large line capacity; figure on a minimum of 175-200 yards and you must have top quality drags that are smooth during long runs, and can hold up under substantial pressure for extended periods of time.

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