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Salmon Fishing Tips

Salmon Fishing Tips - How To Catch Salmon

There are five species of salmon found in North America. The Chinook (King), Coho (Silver), Sockeye, Pink, and Chum Salmon with the Chinook salmon being the largest and Salmon Fishing Tips - How To Catch Salmonmost popular of the sport fishing species. As salmon begin to mature and start their move back to their spawning rivers, they become very predictable in their habits. They will usually migrate along the same paths each year at approximately the same time. This migration starts months ahead of when they enter the fresh water. If you know these patterns or can get information about them you will frequently be rewarded with abundant catches of large salmon.

There are more tips and secrets to catching salmon. Here is a collection of some of those salmon fishing tips. Please browse around and enjoy our salmon fishing tips. If you have a salmon fishing tip you would like to share please email it to

  • If you want to catch salmon while trolling you need action on your bait or lure. If you have good rolling and erratic action, you will have a much better chance of catching salmon.

  • An effective bait for salmon fishing are salmon or trout eggs. When spawning fish are active in the rivers and lakes they will often ignore any other bait or lure because they are just waiting for the spawning salmon eggs to float by.

  • Salmon lures perform very well trolled between two and two and one half miles per hour.

  • Salmon likes large schools of baitfish in the three to seven inch range. He will follow and stay close to these baitfish as long as his other likes are also met.

  • Salmon will thrash through a school of baitfish and then look for the injured ones for feeding. You willwant your bait or lure to look like the baitfish and to look injured.

  • A single relatively large (4/0 to 6/0) and extremely sharp hook is your best bet to catch a salmon. It will dig in better and will not bounce off or miss hooking like a treble or smaller hook.

  • Do not tighten your drag after a hookup rather partially loosen the drag immediately so the fish can run and plan to work him in slowly. As long as you hold your rod tip up with some tension on the line, he will rarely get away.

  • Keep your bait and lures clean. Salmon will swim away from bait they don't like the smell of. Avoid getting obvious strong smelling substances like gasoline, motor oil or tobacco on your hands.

  • Colors for salmon lures can be important. The most popular salmon colors are red, dark green, chartreuse, blue, white, black/white combo and chrome.

  • The best technique is to exhaust the salmon completely before bringing it to the side of a boat. This takes a light limber rod (held tip up), a light drag set so so you wind line only when he is resting, and a lot of patience. Most salmon are lost at the point when they see a boat and start thrashing and jumping to get free.

  • Don't ever try to net a salmon by pulling the net over his tail --- he'll see the net and swim or jump right out of it. The salmon head should be at the surface, head upward. If he lunges from this position he can only go one direction which is up and right into the net.

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