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Red Snapper Fishing Tips

Red Snapper Fishing Tips - How To Catch Snapper

Adult red snapper occur in depths of 150 to 300 feet over both low and high-relief hard Red Snapper Fishing Tips - How To Catch Snapperbottom. Immature red snapper will live closer to shore, over sandy bottoms. They are opportunistic bottom feeders that consume a variety of shrimp, crabs and small fishes. Snapper seem to prefer a still or very slowly moving bait.

There are more tips and secrets to catching snapper. Here is a collection of some of those snapper fishing tips. Please browse around and enjoy our snapper fishing tips. If you have a snapper fishing tip you would like to share please email it to

  • Offshore around natural structure or artificial reefs.

  • Use big baits for big snapper. You will catch more big snapper using a 6" to 8" sand trout or croaker, a large pinfish or cigar minnow. Large snapper generally just prefer
    bigger baits.

  • The big snapper are usually suspended on top of the smaller snapper that congregate near the bottom. So let your bait sink down slowly.

  • Fish different depths until you catch the size snapper you're looking for, then fish at that depth to catch snapper of similar size.

  • Use long leaders of the lightest floro (red snapper can be very line shy) you can get away with. Dead sardines, squid, small to medium pinfish and cigars, cut bait.

  • Dead baits will catch more snapper, but a live bait will often catch bigger snapper. For live baits use circle hooks.

  • Find some smaller parts of the wrecks, ridges, and rocks, look for fish sitting suspended up off the bottom and fish those.

  • Squid heads with long tentacles, whole medium-size fish, and fresh, bloody strips of little tunny or greater amberjack catch the big red snapper.

  • The two hook rig does work great for whole dead baits like cigar minnows, snell two (smaller) hooks instead of just one large hook... chop off the tail & thread the bottom hook thru the bait and pull the leader up to the next (top) hook and then thread it thru the bait at the tail - then take the first hook and hide in in the bait hear the head. Picky snapper don't like to see the hook.

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