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Pompano Fishing Tips

Pompano Fishing Tips - How To Catch Pompano

There are tips and secrets to catching more pompano. Here is a collection of those how Pompano Fishing Tips - How To Catch Pompanoto catch pompano tips. Please browse around and enjoy our pompano fishing tips.

There are more tips and secrets to catching more pompano. Here is a collection of some of those pompano fishing tips. Please browse around and enjoy our pompano fishing tips. If you have a pompano fishing tip you would like to share please email it to

  • They’re a salt-loving species, and move further out when the salinity in the bays drops below normal levels.

  • Pompano love crabs. If you’re using small crabs for bait, it’s important that you use very fine wire hooks –usually #6 or #8 wire with short shanks. The bait is tiny, and so is the mouth of the pompano.

  • Chumming is an important component of the successful Pompano trip.

  • The best times for fishing are usually in the morning and evening on an incoming tide.

  • Pompano can't survive in water temperature below the mid-50's and prefer water temperatures is in the 80's.

  • Pompano frequent the surf zone right where the waves break in "suds" on the beach. feeding on the sand fleas that live in this high energy area

  • The best time is early in the morning right after the sun comes up. Pompano have great eyesight. Use light mono leader with no silver swivels. The best bait is sandfleas or shrimp.

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