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Offshore Fishing Techniques

Offshore Fishing Techniques

When you are fishing away from the shore you need to locate where the fish are. Weed lines, rips, floating debris and birds are good signs that fish are in the area. It is very effective to use fish-like teasers rigged in a series that are fished behind the boat. Ballyhoo, squid or mullet look-a-likes will skip and swim behind the prop-wash and attract everything from marlin to cobia to within casting distance of the boat. Here are the most popular methods to catch fish when you are out in the open water of the ocean or gulf.

1. BOTTOM FISHING: Fish from an anchored boat on a potential hotspot like coral reef, drop off, etc. Using a sinker to present the bait to the fish in the bottom. Common bait is shrimp, live bait, fillet, worm, etc. You may also use any tackle types as long as it comfortable. If the hotspot has potential for big fish, its better to use conventional tackle. You'll have enough line using conventional, and also medium line class. But for smaller fish it's more excited using spinning or baitcasting.

2. JERKING: Same as bottom fishing, the difference is the bait. Jerking is using a lure that can be sink and usually look like a small fish, worm, shrimp, etc. Sinking the lure till it reach the bottom, and then roll the line while you shake the rod to give a living effect to the lure. After the lure reach the surface than sink it again. Do it again and again until a fish bite the lure. The common tackle use are spinning, baitcasting and conventional.

3. KITE FISHING: Using a fishing kite is an awesome, specialized technique that employs the use of a special rod and reel, release clips and a kite. The kite is sent in the air attached to rod designed for the task. Fishing from the boat using a kite makes the bait reach enough distance from the boat. Keeping the bait near the surface is paramount, the leader and all terminal tackle are suspended in the air, keeping them out of site of weary gamefish.

4. DRIFTING: It could mean to drift the bait or the boat as both are the same. The best bait to use is live bait and the tackle use are spinning, baitcasting and conventional. But some anglers do this to find a coral reef that has many fish nearby. After a hook up, usually you anchor the boat nearby that location.

5. TROLLING: Trolling with artificials is the best way to cover lots of water and locate feeding fish. Using both fresh or artificial bait are common to this technique. Let the bait swim behind the moving boat at a specific speed. Recommended tackle is to use conventional tackle, since the target is usually a big fish. 
6. POPPING: Using a lure called POPPER, which you cast to certain distance and then reel in the line to make the lure moves and also create sound that invites predators. This technique is effective to use if the fish are at the sea surface. Baitcasting or Spinning tackles are common to this technique.

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