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Catfish Fishing Tips

Catfish Fishing Tips - How To Catch Catfish

Catfish are fun to catch and fun to eat. They are a popular freshwater game fish. Catfish aCatfish Fishing Tips - How To Catch Catfishre usually found at the bottom of lake or rivers and they eat most anything as they are scavengers of food. There are three main types of catfish, blues and flatheads. Most techniques for catching catfish involve dragging some kind of bait along the bottom. Just remember to be careful when you catch them because Catfish have stiff dorsal and side fins. They can puncture you and cause some real PAIN!

There are more tips and secrets to catching more catfish. Here is a collection of some of those catfish fishing tips. Please browse around and enjoy our catfish fishing tips. If you have a catfish fishing tip you would like to share please email it to 

  • A good way to attract catfish is to rub peanut butter on your lures.  

  • Chicken liver is a great bait for catfish.
    How To Fish For Catfish
    How To Fish For Catfish 

  • Punch a few holes in a can of cat or dog food and set it in the area where you are going to fish for catfish. The smell will atrract the fish and they will be waiting for your bait.

  • When fishing for catfish with chubs or minnows, take a knife and cut a few centimeters up the belly. Cut just enough belly until the insides are starting to come out, the extra scent is irresistible.

  • Catfish are not evenly dispersed over the stream bottom; rather they are concentrated in certain areas.

  • Increase your odds of catching fish by chumming the water where you plan to fish. Use canned dog or cat food, they will sink. Or hot dogs cut into chunks. This will bring the fish to you.

  • The single greatest determinant of catfish food preference is body size. Smaller catfish, those less than 14 inches, feed primarily on bottom-dwelling organisms, such as aquatic insect larvae and other invertebrates. As catfish grow to a larger size, their diet changes and a wider variety of food items are eaten. Fish, however, either alive or dead, make up the bulk of their forage after they reach 16 inches.

  • Fish at night and be quiet. Catfish seem to sense noise more than most fish.

  • Use dead minnows or cut-bait in the late winter and early spring when the water temperature is between 35-60 degrees F.

  • Always fish for Flatheads with live bait and remember, there is a difference between live bait and lively bait. Make sure your bait is really squirming: the more vibration in the water, the better the chance for a Flathead find it.

    Learn more secrets of how to catch more catfish. 

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