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Best Bass Lures

What if all you could have in your tackle box is 10 of the best bass lures, which ones would you have? What lure would land you that big bass when others may fail? 

Freshwater fishing lures for largemouth or smallmouth bass come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Based on different conditions such as the time of year and the time of day, water temperature, the water clarity and depth that you are fishing would determine your choice of which bass fishing lure you would choose. 

You would have to have some lures for shallow water and fishing around lily pads for largemouth bass. You would want to get to any of those areas the first thing in the morning and the last stop in the evening when there are no other boats in the area that could easily spook the fish.

My first cast of the day and quite possibly the last at night will be a lure that has produced many big bass in the past. For me it is a Rapala J 11 floating minnow to start and end my day with many casts in between and also a good possibility of doing some trolling with those productive lures in shallow water. It is just a personnel preference but I like having a blue and black and white Rapala for my bass fishing efforts.  If I am around lily pads I like to use a Hula-Popper and Jitterbug being yellow and green colors. I’ll also try a Johnson silver minnow spoon and crank that bass fishing lure quickly across a weed bed and then with a darting retrieve when it gets to open water.

The next bass fishing lures I’ll pull out of my tackle box will be to accommodate me for fishing structure that includes fishing piers where I will alternate scented plastic worms and jigs. To compliment the jigs I add a piece of pork rind which gives it the phrase “jig and pig.” I like to fish the jigs and plastic worms slowly for best results. 

I can’t go bass fishing without making some casts with a Mepps Comet Meno. It will catch anything that swims that includes large and smallmouth bass. My favorite size is the #3. Its appearance and erratic swimming action makes it hard for any fish to resist in fact Bassmasters magazine named the Comet Mino one of the top best 10 bass lures of all time.

When things slow down which is usually in the afternoon, I grab my ultra light fishing rod and reel. I have an adjustable bobber on 4 or 6 pound test with a grey feathered jig tipped with meal worms or maggots. Pan fish can’t resist this combo when moved very slowly across the water and stopped every so often and neither can large or small mouth bass. You will catch bass large and small and very challenging on your ultra light set up, you just will catch so many more pan fish for every bass you catch.  

Different scenarios would require different fishing lures and as the fish move around and seem to be biting one minute and not the next can drive you nuts if you take your fishing too seriously. I just try to have fun when I go bass fishing. I also try to learn successful techniques from using bass fishing lures for future bass fishing ventures.

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