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Fishing Tips And How To Catch More Fish

  Welcome to the Go Fishing Tips website. Anyone who fishes knows that there are many fishing tips and secrets to catching more fish. It may be the specific kind of bait or lure a fish is attracted to. The tip could be regarding the best places to fish for a certain species of fish. It could even be about using certain types of rods and reels. 

This site is a  collection of the best fishing tips for both freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. Please browse around and enjoy our fishing tip website.

  • Maintain sharp hooks no matter what the fish or lure. You can't have too sharp a hook!

  • Use the proper tackle. Monofilament line should be replaced periodically, and tackle should be well maintained. Many a fisherman has lost "the big one" because of old, weakened line, dull hooks, or an improperly maintained drag. 

  • Bait shops do much more than just sell shiners and shrimp - a good one can serve as a great source of information for anglers who are visiting or who are new to an area

  • When trolling a lure, attach a swivel to avoid tangling your line.

  • Most species of fish have a preffered temperature of water that they will actively feed in. Find this area of temperture with fish present and you will greatly increase your chances of catching fish. Remember, fish are cold blooded. In water too cold, fish will be dormant, sluggish and will not feed. In water too warm, they will be seeking a more comfortable environment.

  • When the fish aren't working with you, before you call it a day, try something different. Try lures that you wouldn't normally use.

  • When choosing the color of a lure to use, you must pay attention to water clarity. If the water is murky then darker colors work best. If the water is clear, go with a lighter shade. Also when night fishing, the dark colors appear better to fish.

  • Never stop your retrieve until you have the bait out of the water, fish can strike at any time.

  • Avoid fishing large areas of shallow water where direct sunlight is shining. Fish do not like these areas and prefer darker water and shadows.

  • During the summer and early fall, some of the best times to fish are prior to cold fronts. The fish know well in advance that a storm is coming, so they go into a feeding frenzy. If possible, take advantage of these opportunities.

  • One of the best spots to fish is along the dropoff where shallow water turns into deep water. You can fish this better by casting a little bit out into the water and to the side. Then if you bring your bait back slowly, it'll spend more time in this "fishy" zone.

  • When reeling in your lure and your watching that fish follow deciding if he's interested, why not try this tip. Keep reeling in at the same speed don't slow down. When you get close to the boat then continue your movement by sticking part of your rod under the water and drawing a wide figure eight until the fish makes his choice to bite.

  • On hot days, it is best to get up early, before the sun rises, and fish. The temperature is cooler, and the fish are more active. When it gets hotter, the fish retrieve into deeper water. When fishing in the early morning, try using topwater lures and crankbaits.

  • Shade on sunny days almost always attracts fish. The fish seem to feel safer there. A big tree that leans into the water from shore will almost always have fish near it or under it.

  • Know what fish species are biting.

  • The most important fishing tip of all is in order to catch a fish you have to think like the fish rather than thinking like a fisherman.

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